Fight Ebola Campaign



It is a terrifying thought that Zambia could be at risk of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease epidemic, especially after the totally unrelated outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus is “out of control” and spreading rapidly across the West -African coast like a wild harmattan fire with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recording 44 new infections and 21 deaths in just two days. The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West -Africa is the worst on record with over 500 deaths reported to date. With several cases of Ebola reported in Mali, Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone, West Africa is witnessing the most challenging outbreak since the disease was discovered 38 years ago. WHO recently declared that it expects the deadly virus’ spread to continue for several more months in West Africa and now that it has spread to three neighbouring countries, the crisis appears far from being over.

It is with this in mind, that Nemchem seeks to provide the Zambian people with the ability to take measures and be proactive in the approach to prevent and control the likelihood of catching on to this deadly Virus. Nemchem has developed strategies in its field of Hygiene practice and is now offering a variety of packages designed for both Domestic and Corporate use. I would like to take this opportunity to showcase the following packages available today for direct purchase from any of our branches countrywide.

According to the World Health Organisation, one of the safest and easiest ways of preventing the exposure of infection is through Hand Hygiene and Environment Hygiene.


Nemchem International therefore offers;

1. The Individual Control Kit  – K 525

      • 500ml THS Hand Sanitiser
      • 500ml Outbreak Control
      • 500ml Sprayer
      • 50ml THS Hand Sanitiser

2.  Corporate Control Kit

      • Monthly Dispenser Rental   K 84
      • 25Ltr Hand Sanitiser    K 1,288

3. Environment Control

      • Weekly fogging of all offices/rooms etc, with Outbreak Control
        Price depends on physical survey of premises (contractual)

4.  The Independent Kit

      • Purchase the Fogging Unit     K 15,800
      • 25Ltr Outbreak Control           K  689

It is our hope that we can partner with you in helping to ward of this disease for the benefit of our future- “Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Community Today.”

For further queries and concerns, do not hesitate to contact our offices or any of our Sales Executives on 0965 303311/ 0965303310.

On behalf of Nemchem International Ltd, I wish you a safer, healthier future.



Country General Manager

Nemchem expands to DR Congo

Nemchem International is an umbrella company holding branches through Central and Southern Africa. We are now glad to announce the launch of our new branch in the Republic of Congo where we hope to meet the country’s demands in  the Cleaning and Chemical Industry.