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Nemchem Zimbabwe strive to be the leading supplier of cleaning services, machines and chemicals in and around Zimbabwe and other designated markets. Your Professional Choice.

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Nemchem International is a leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Comprehensive offerings for businesses in the food service, food processing, beverage bottling, oil and gas industries are available. Nemchem International offers unparallel expertise and solutions to ensure food safety, product quality, enhance sustainability and boost operational efficiency.

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Our Vision

To be a recognized market leader and highly sought-after hygiene and cleaning solution provider in Africa.

Our Mission

To offer cost effective, complete hygiene and cleaning solutions to tourism, corporates, mining, governmental and agricultural institutions, generate a fair return on investment to shareholders while improving the welfare of the local communities and Nemchem’s employees in each respective country of operation.

Core Values

  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Staff Focus
  • Customer focus
  • Corporate citizenship

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