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Nemchem International offers unparallel expertise and solutions to ensure food safety, product quality, enhance sustainability and boost operational efficiency.


Nemchem International distributes Numatic products from South Africa such as Vacuum Cleaners, Rotary Single Disc, Twintec Floor Machines, High Pressure units and accessories for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Cleaning Chemicals and Detergents​

Nemchem International provides a high-quality range of cleaning chemicals and detergents for all sectors of the economy which includes commercial, domestic and industrial purposes.

Processing Plants​

Nemchem International is a leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Comprehensive offerings for businesses in the food service, food processing, beverage bottling, oil and gas industries are available.

PEST Control and Fumigation Services​

Nemchem International provides high effective fumigation and PEST control services. It has qualified and experienced technicians who use environmentally friendly, effective fumigants and rodenticides.

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